First off all , I have been training now for the past 5 years, 10 minutes a day and do get many compliments for my body figure and stomach muscles. The only training I do, is when I wake up in the morning, before any breakfast, maybe just a cup of coffee.

Some information to follow, always make sure, you do your training 1st thing in the morning, especially people who struggle to find the courage to train at all, everyone who is working, is usually tired at the end of the day and would like to relax after a hard day of work, therefore when you are fresh and ready for the day, tackle the exercises first. Always stay motivated, look at pictures of people who has very well toned bodies throughout the day and imagine yourself as being successful as them, maybe even more successful!. Basically this is all you need to know.

Now when you start training, wake up and do firstly 15 crunches and 30 bicycle sit ups, to follow with 5 leg raises, just as you lay there on your bed. Do this routine for one week. On week 2 , do 5 more of each, follow this for the next 2 weeks as well. After the 1st month you will be at 35 crunches, 50 bicycle sit ups and 25 leg raises. On the second month do the same routine over, but add 10 push ups to every training session, as you are finished with your stomach exercise, climb of your bed and do your push ups just there on the floor, wallaa, not even 5 minutes and you are done. 

 When you reach the 6th week mark, start adding 5 of each regarding the sit ups/crunches as month 1. Regarding the push ups, add 2 push ups every 4th day, you will then be doing at the end of month 2, 50 crunches, 65 bicycle sit ups, 35 leg raises and 18 [push ups. 

On the 3rd month, add as month 1 every week 5 more of each, and 3 more push ups per week. 

I promise you, if you follow this routine, you will reach my training point as well, at the moment I am doing 250 crunches, 300 bicycle sit ups and 100 push ups everyday, to follow with calve muscle training, where I just stand on one leg and raise my body 200 times, still in my bedroom. This training procedure worked for me and was very easy to follow, start of very small and you will reach your 6 pack in no time at all!

And always stay motivated, as soon as the compliments start flowing in, you will be motivated by itself!